Koskikartano and Stefan Andersson, 2003

Our headquarters

In between the travels throughout the globe, a place is needed to let weary bones rest in. Our home is located in Northern Carelia, near the Russian border. We welcome you to this virtual tour of our premises.


Millennium Film's main office is located in Nurmes, Northern Carelia, near the Russian border. Some say it's in the middle of nowhere, but we think that Finland is pretty far away anyway, so it doesn't make a big difference in which corner of nowhere you are.

Our home, the mansion Koskikartano was built on 1836 by Russian nobles and has a long and colourful history with many patrons from Sweden and Russia. In the old days there lived about 500 people here, working on shifting iron ore from the river. Of that ore, some was transported through the lakes of Finland as far as St. Petersburg. The workers had their own currency, school and about 36 buildings on both sides of the river. Most of the buildings are gone, but the same river still flows wildly through the yard during Spring and Summer.

Nowadays, there are ten buildings left. Instead of workers, our population now consists of sheep, horses, chicken, dogs and cats. In addition to film production, Millennium Film upkeeps a real farm with 15 hectares of land and fields that are harvested yearly. The buildings are in a constant need of renovation and make up our most prominent hobby for the coming years, and maybe for the entire lifetime.

On the farm we also breed Irish Wolfhounds and preserve pure bred Finnish sheep called Kainuun Harmas, roughly translating to Kainuu's Gray.

Sounds pretty romantic, but it isn't! As a matter of fact it's hard and difficult work, both the filmmaking and farming. But we believe that the one gives a healthy perspective to the other and both to life in general.


Bébé Celia du Pic de Viscos
Pöhkö Ceres du Pic de Viscos
Eetu Pyrzillac's Troismaillet
Olga Wolfmann Killarney
Doris Powder Horn Oonagh O'Horn
Lydia Wolfmann Nenagh
Popcorn herself
Saakeli Drôle D'Oiseau Sacrebleu
Kassu Jungle Queen's Anazarlig
Rumilus himself
Alexander Smirnov himself
Jämä herself
Mini himself
Miisu himself
main rooster Urho Kekkonen
assistant rooster Elvis Presley
horse Helmen Helinä
pony Jokelan Hulda
cow Kaunis Mieli alias Mielikki Relander

Technical data

title Koskikartano - "The River Mansion"
buildings about 10
original languages Finnish and Savo, occasional Carelian
subtitling impossible
format 3D video and sound
length 24 / 7
area about 15 hectares
sheep about 60
chicken about 30
cats about seven
dogs six
distribution currently unavailable