A Bride of the Seventh Heaven; Lapsui and Lehmuskallio; 2003

Names and faces

Our permanent staff consists of only two persons working full time for our company, which allows us both flexibility and the possibility to engage the best professionals on every field of filmmaking for each individual production accordingly.

On a freelance basis we employ about a hundred professional film makers yearly. This page will introduce you to some of them, so stay tuned for updates.

Kristiina Pervilä

Kristiina Pervilä has been working as an independent producer since 1988. She has produced or co-produced a wide range of creative multinational documentaries for TV and cinema, international opera and ballet productions for stage and coordinated guest performances of foreign opera houses in Finland and Sweden. Between 1982-83 and 1988-93 she lived and worked outside Finland. In April 1999 she founded Oy Millennium Film Ltd.

Kristiina Pervilä has also been working as tutor, analyst, expert in EDN and Eurodoc training programmes in various countries since 1999 and as a moderator in Nordisk Forum. She was an executive board member of EDN 2003-2005 and started as group leader for Eurodoc 2006.

On her spare time, Kristiina sometimes goes fishing.

Barbro Johansson

Barbro Johansson has worked over 35 years as a sales secretary, as an administrator, as an assistant for a lawyer and as an office mananger for a distribution company for commercial videos. She started at Millennium Film in October 2000. She works as an economic secretary and a production assistant for all of our productions.

And she loves gardening and travelling.

John Webster

John Webster was born in Helsinki in 1967 to British parents. In 1996 he graduated from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki with an MA in documentary film making.

Since 1990 he has been directing independent documentaries that have won numerous awards both nationally and internationally. His films are human interest stories with strong central characters whose lives are followed over a long period of time. Typical to his films is a blend of tragedy and comedy, melancholy and exuberance. John lays particular importance on research and documentary structure, and he gives frequent lectures on his speciality of documentary script writing.

Pirjo Honkasalo

The director Pirjo Honkasalo, was born in Helsinki in 1947. She entered film school at the age of 17 and completed her cinematographic thesis at the age of 21. In the same year she shot her first full-length film. She continued to study and worked as an assistant at the Temple University in Philadelphia. Her first major directing role, the historical drama film Tulipää (Flame Top), was chosen for the Cannes Official Selection series in 1980.

As a documentarian, she is best known for her trilogy The Trilogy of the Sacred and Satanic, the final part of which, Atman, won the Joris Ivens prize in Amsterdam in 1996. Her latest drama film, Tulennielijä (The Fire-Eater), won the AFI (American Film Institute) Grand Prix Festival in Los Angeles in 1998.

Pekka Uotila

In 1991 Pekka Uotila graduated from the film school (Helsinki University of Industrial Arts). He had already been working full time as a cinematographer for a few years. In the late eighties he worked as a camera assistant and still photographer in long fiction films with the best cinematographers in Finland. At that time he also started to work more as a cinematographer, and shot numerous documentary films, many of them outside Europe.

At the moment he works as a director of cinematography in feature films, documentaries, experimental films, rock videos.

Eino and I, the winner of The Tampere International Film Festival 1998, was his first work as a director. In 2001 he directed a documentary Three Smiths, commissioned by ZDF Arte and YLE / TV2. Three Smiths awarded same year Honorary Mention at Fictions du Reel- Festival International du Documentaire Marseille.