Shepherd; Lehmuskallio, Lapsui; 2001


We have produced and co-produced films in more than fifteen countries on five continents and made friends in many different cultures. All this thanks to the strong vision of our directors, "tailor made" crews and reliable location managers. Not to forget our flexible financiers and production partners.

Director Patricio Guzman from Chile has said "A country without documentaries is like a family without a photo album".

Millennium Film proudly presents our Family Album with films signed by most talented young and not-so-young Finnish and foreign directors.

In production

Year Title Director
2005- Bilal Sourav Sarangi
2005- Me and my Maid Nistha Jain

Productions and co-productions

Year Title Director
2008 Recipes for Disaster John Webster
2005 Roots and Wings Arvind Sinha
2004 Zavtra - Tomorrow Markku Heikkinen, Ari Matikainen
2004 The 3 Rooms of Melancholia Pirjo Honkasalo
2004 Eden Pastora - Comandante Cero Alvaro Pardo
2003 A Bride of the Seventh Heaven Anastasia Lapsui, Markku Lehmuskallio
2002 My Name Was Sabina Spielrein Elisabeth Marton
2002 Chinese Peanut Man Alvaro Pardo
2003 The Dawn Pekka Uotila
2001 Closing Alessandro Rossetto
2001 Shepherd Markku Lehmuskallio, Anastasia Lapsui
2000 The Preacher Richard Solarz
2000 Rooms of Shadow and Light John Webster
2000 Silent Rhapsody Georg Grotenfelt
2000 Three Smiths Pekka Uotila
2000 Opera! Opera! Emil Ptacék, Lisbeth Landefort, Seppo Nurmimaa
2000 Kings of Recycling Alvaro Pardo
2000 The Stars' Caravan Arto Halonen
2000 Client No.2 Timo Korhonen
1999 Gospel According to the Papuans Thomas Balmès
1999 Poets of Mongolia Peter Brosens, Peter Krueger
1999 Insha Allah Visa Koiso-Kanttila

Other productions by Kristiina Pervilä

Year Title Director
1999 Julia's Madness Hannes Schönemann
1998 The Last Karelians Georg Grotenfelt
1998 Can't U Hear Me Singing Walter Stokmann
1998 The State of Dogs Peter Brosens
1997 Gift of Dreams Einojuhani Rautavaara
1997 Nasareth Peter Krueger
1997 Halla Emil Ptacék, Jorma Uotinen
1994 Moments in Time Ville Suhonen
1994 Seasons in Finland Ville Suhonen